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Thriving individuals through TIME

Online and workshop based training programs promoting wellbeing and positive change.

About Us

As teachers and psychologists we are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our future generations. Our desire to help, led us to develop MindTime and its programs.


Our Philosophy

Our targeted TIME program focuses on the four areas of Thanks, Individual, Mindfulness and Everyone.

Our Why 

In 2017, Mission Australia published the Youth Mental Health Report. It states that: “One in four young people are at risk of serious mental illness." We decided to do something to help...


"They provided an inspiring and engaging experience for our students, offering a number of services during the camp week including keynotes from their psychologist and their clinical nutritionist, and a movement and meditation session with their yoga and meditation facilitator."

Stuart Clark
Pymble Ladies' College

"We have recently subscribed to the MindTime Program in order to have a unified and proactive approach to student wellbeing. The program is easy to use and the students like that they can work at their own pace and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to discuss certain social and personal hardships. It has brought a united approach to wellbeing from Year 7 through to Year 12 and the students are engaged and responding positively to the program. We also loved that the MindTime team took the time and made the effort to listen to what we wanted out of the program and are always willing to update and improve their resources. We look forward to seeing the long term benefits of this program. Thank you MindTime Team for allowing us to be one of your flagship schools."

Daniella Costa
Killara High School

Improve your state of mind.

MindTime can be conducted anywhere, anytime using your own device. Our sample program showcases the four categories of TIME.

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