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Minds Matter

Incursions tailored for students to support them and allow them to thrive.

Bespoke school incursions 

MindTime offers one day and half day incursions, tailored for specific cohorts who are embarking on a new phase of learning, stress or development. Whether it be Year 6 students, Year 7s Navigating New Landscapes, Year 9s facing peer pressures and social media challenges, or the senior students' Optimal Performance Workshop - MindTime is TIME, well spent.

Offering sessions such as Roll and Release, Yoga, Mindful Art, Stress Less, Nutrition, Balanced Bodies, Mindfulness and Strengthen to Protect workshops, MindTime’s incursions are engaging, enjoyable and encourage positive behaviours to help students get the most out of their minds and bodies.

Year 11 & 12 incursions are aligned to  the Life Ready Program- one less thing for teachers and wellbeing coordinators to have to do!

Engaging Workshops

Our facilitators are specialists in their fields and offer highly engaging workshops to suit your cohort’s needs. Whether it be improv and storytelling, roll and release, mindful art, yoga or nutrition - there’s something for everyone.

Structured Learning 

We have designed our incursions to provide students with a scaffolded learning process that introduces them to a toolbox of skills to help them adapt and manage life’s new pressures.  

Interested in our incursion programs?

We've conducted our incursion programs all over Australia with a range of students. 

If you would like to understand more about what we offer please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MindTime offers a smorgasbord of activities to appeal to your specific cohort. Activities are all different, engaging and offer tips, skills and strategies to promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

We also offer Keynote talks addressing elements of the Life Ready Program or facets of the MindTime program that would benefit the group, such as character strengths, goal setting, positive daily habits and self awareness, optimistic thinking, perspective taking and much, much more.

Again, like everything at MindTime - this is flexible and we can make it work for your school’s context. The duration of the incursion will depend on the size of the cohort and the number of activities that you would like your students to engage in. Get in touch and we can workshop how best to meet your school’s needs.

MindTime workshops can be tailored to the size of your cohort. We are able to offer a range of activities and ask that students select a particular session to attend, or we can have a timetable so that students rotate through a range of activities.

We work with the coordinating teachers to make sure that the incursion works with the school timetable. Our facilitators are all professionals in their field and flexibility is their middle name.


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