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Mastering mind and body

Structured programs to help students optimise and excel

MindTime Mastery

Designed for students representing their school at competition level, these programs  provide nourishment for the body and the mind. Exploring positive daily habits, optimising performance, visualisation, optimistic thinking, healthy eating, exercise and study/training/life balance.

The program covers:

  • Daily habits to increase motivation, productivity, cognitive function and overall health
  • Sleep, why it's important and how we can maximise it
  • Tapping into the body’s natural rhythms to develop sustainable and healthy training schedules
  • Mindfulness activities and visualisation strategies
  • Understanding personal character strengths
  • Goal setting
  • Strategies for dealing with stress and high pressure situations

MindTime Mastery Team

With backgrounds in coaching, teaching and working in the professional sport sphere, our team have created programs that support the minds and bodies of students to help them realise their full potential and nurture their wellbeing along the way.

Anywhere, anytime...

Designed to be taken at your own pace in your own space. Our mobile friendly platform allows Mastery students to complete the program anywhere they feel comfortable.

MindTime Mastery Programs

Online wellbeing programs to support students excel.

Sample Program

$ Free

Per student

4 module sample content

Access on any device

Engaging education


MindTime Mastery

$ 25

Per Student

27 lessons

Tailored and targeted

Optimise performance


Helping students help themselves

Our MindTime Mastery program is designed to help students explore their potential and optimise their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

MindTime Mastery is designed to be completed online and independently, freeing coaches up to focus on the sport specific skill set, or area of expertise that they are trained in.

The program is designed to be completed 3 times per week for 9 weeks. MindTime can be accessed at home, at school or anywhere on a mobile device. The students move through the program at their own pace and could stretch one program out for the season of your sport, or the time spent training or rehearsing for your competition.

MTM is for any student who is mastering their craft. It might be students who are representing their school, region or state at a high competition level. Perhaps you have students who are performing in the arts or public speaking sphere. Essentially, any person who is under pressure to perform and is navigating the balance of school work, training/practice and maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing, will benefit from the MindTime Mastery program.

Want us to tell you a little more...

Our MindTime Mastery programs are an excellent way to support your students through the pressures of high level performance.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about our programs and one of our friendly team will contact you.

Interested in our MindTime Mastery?

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