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Give your students some TIME

Tailored programs to enhance student wellbeing. We have package deals for schools.

Online Wellbeing Programs

MindTime is a new and unique online learning platform, which creates an opportunity to focus on developing skills, practices, tools and awareness to increase individual wellbeing. Designed by psychologists and educators, these activities are informed by the science of positive psychology and strengths-based research.

Our online wellbeing programs have been written for students from Years 3-12. Completed individually, activities take approximately 10 minutes and centre around the key concepts of Thanks, Individual, Mindfulness and Everyone- TIME. It is designed to be conducted in 3 sessions per week, but it’s flexible - making it work for your context.

Staff wellbeing is also a priority to us and so the program is designed to allow staff to participate and focus on their own wellbeing and enables them to make meaningful connections with students, rather than explicitly teaching the content. MindTime can alleviate teacher stress and workload by offering them a pre planned program (aligned to the PDHPE, Life Ready Skills and English Syllabi) that caters for students’ social and emotional learning.

Engaging students

Our programs are interactive, interesting and facilitate maximum engagement as students watch videos, listen to audio clips and respond to stimuli in their MindTime notebooks. Each program has been written specifically for the age group and addresses their various social and emotional needs. Our programs are living documents, changing and updating to align with the latest research.

Any Device. Any Time

Our online program is designed to be taken at your own pace in your own space. Our mobile friendly platform allows you to complete the program anywhere you feel comfortable. 

It's all about TIME for you...

We want everyone to benefit from our MindTime program. Get a taste for how we help with our free trial.

Sample Program


4 module sample content

Access on any device

Engaging education 


Full Program


Full online course access 

27 Modules of content 

Fully resourced


Time to help yourself

With our MindTime program we give you a toolbox of tricks to help you understand the journey of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to be done three times a week for 10 minutes at a time. One program lasts for 9 weeks (27 x 10 min activities), allowing some wiggle room for inevitable disruptions. Research suggests that frequent, short activities have greater impact on wellbeing. That said, we understand that schools are busy places with crowded curriculums. MindTime programs are designed to be done over a term but can be stretched out over a semester if need be. Students are able to access the program at home and at school, so some activities can be done as homework. One of our schools uses it in an extended home room period once a fortnight for 30 mins, another uses it as a guided reading rotation. We have aligned the MindTime program to both the English and PDHPE syllibi.

You can make MindTime work for you. MindTime could be done at the beginning of a period or straight after lunch or recess (particularly useful for the primary context). You might like to incorporate it into a roll call period, extended homeroom or in any time slot that you have dedicated to student wellbeing.

With students having their own personal login and completing the activities independently, students are able to complete the program at their own pace.

MindTime’s pricing is dependent on the number of students that you have in your cohort.


Whole school - $10 per student, per program

Whole stage - $15 per student, per program

Year group - $19 per student, per program


MindTime  notebooks - $7 each

Improve your state of mind.

Our simple program can be conducted anywhere at anytime using your own mobile device. Our sample program is quick and easy, giving you a fresh perspective.

Start your free trial today!

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