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MindTime was created out of our passion for helping future generations navigate and get the most out of life.

Existing research around the benefits of daily wellbeing habits is formidable. However, sustainable change is difficult when it requires ongoing effort over time and many great programs fail to transfer from the classroom to daily life. MindTime is a program that compliments existing school initiatives and provides a consistent and contemporary platform for students to proactively engage in their own wellbeing practices. It allows for them to develop in the areas such as positive mindset, self talk, empathy and communication.

MindTime’s programs promote wellbeing, are completed independently online, and are supported by evidence informed research. We are committed to making a positive impact to the wellbeing of youth today. The MindTime platform is a portal into the minds of some of the most influential professors, psychologists and wellbeing advocates in the world. By focusing on the four components of TIME, students are provided with a set of tools to help them flourish.

MindTime Matters



Having completed my initial Psychology and Education qualifications in the late 1990s, I have borne witness to a palpable shift in how we view mental health and wellbeing in schools and society in general; some of it encouraging, most of it concerning. Working with adolescents is my passion and my aim in co-founding MindTime is to help reverse some of the trends I see in adolescent mental health. To me, health and wellbeing is not simply a lack of disease. Living a life of purpose and passion is a protective investment that no one can make but yourself. Solution focused, positive psychology and strengths based practice are my elixir. And my wrinkles are laughter lines ;)


In completing my Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at MU, I have been able to combine my two greatest passions: education and wellbeing. I am lucky enough to collaborate with a wonderful, inspiring MindTime team who match my enthusiasm and quite often raise it… I truly hope that you enjoy your MindTime journey as much as I am enjoying mine.


As a classroom teacher, I know how busy life is and how tricky it can be to squeeze everything in to an already sardine-packed curriculum. That’s what I love about MindTime - it’s designed to make life easier for teachers and to make life better for everyone. I believe that positive thought patterns, mindfulness, gratitude and a better understanding of self can result in a happier life. MindTime has been created to help students unlock their strengths and true potential.

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