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MindTime for schools

MindTime's tailored online programs explore skills, practices, tools and knowledge, to increase wellbeing for students from Year 3 to Year 12.

Categorised into four key components of Thanks, the Individual, Mindfulness and Everyone - it's TIME for students to flourish.


MindTime for families

Designed for modern families these programs provide knowledge and resources to help all members thrive and flourish. Life is complex and many of us are juggling multiple balls at once. The MindTime programs aim to build parent wellbeing literacy and facilitate authentic opportunities for connection as well as create simple shifts in perspective which allow for positive change to occur.



We offer a range of half day and full day incursions tailored for specific cohorts who are embarking on a new phase of learning, stress or development.

It’s TIME to tap into daily rituals that enhance learning, wellness and healthy living, TIME to develop strategies to cope with stress and challenge, and TIME to connect with yourself and others.


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